Be aware of everything



The digital world is in a state of constant evolution. Consequently, it is vital that every digital platform used in your marketing activities is continuously audited to ensure that these platforms are following best practices and relevant guidelines. This applies to all your digital platforms:

SEO Audit

Your website is the single most important platform and the main representation of your business. Let’s not forget that all your other marketing activities, from social media to online advertising, will generate traffic to your website.

An evaluation of your website should be the first step in any digital strategy. This is to ensure that it’s following the online best practices and that it is correctly interacting with your other digital platforms.

The evaluation will single out all potential areas of improvements and will include a detailed list of recommendations.

PPC Audit

Although Pay per Click is one of the most cost efficient advertising techniques, if your campaigns are not correctly set up or if they are not using the latest tactics, you could be wasting a considerable amount of your advertising budget. Evaluating your PPC campaigns is key to ensuring that you are achieving maximum ROI.


Your web analytics can reveal invaluable insights about your website and your customers’ behaviour once they land on it. Ensuring that your web analytics system is correctly configured and the reporting is set up to meet your business needs is key to a successful digital marketing campaign.

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