Plan smart, pay smart



Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most cost effective online advertising options available. The reason is simple. PPC campaigns only require you to pay for those who have clicked on your ads (unlike other online advertising routes that charge by the impressions served, regardless of clicks). So, for example, if your ad is delivered a million times (on Google or YouTube, for example) but only received only 10 clicks, you will only pay for the 10 clicks. All that extra brand awareness is free added value!

However, whilst this might sound very easy to implement, PPC campaigns require a lot of “behind the scenes” work so as to ensure that the campaign delivers an optimum blend of brand awareness and clicks. Moreover, there are three principal PPC advertising routes and it is key that we work with you to identify which suit your needs best. The three routes are:

Search PPC

Whilst SEO should play a key role in your long-term online strategy, it takes time to get your website to rank highly on organic search listings. Our solution is to implement PPC campaigns that place our clients’ websites in the Ads section located on the top of the search engine results pages, thus placing you above all organic search results. This is an excellent way of ensuring that you are prominently featured on the first results page whilst we work hard to get your website to rank highly on organic search listings.

The beauty with Search PPC is that the ads are only delivered to users who use specific search terms that we would agree with you beforehand. This ensures that the advertising is highly targeted and minimizes the risk of wastage.

Digital Networks PPC

Ever dreamt of running an advertising campaign on leading websites such as YouTube and/or premium content websites such as the Telegraph but feared that this is too expensive? Dream no longer!

With digital networks PPC, we can place your ads on a large number of premium websites for a fraction of the cost. You might ask how this is possible? The short answer is that we buy un-sold inventory for a highly discounted rate, which we pass on to our customers.

Your audience can be targeted by implementing a range of filers to fine-tune the campaign. These include geo-location, interests, editorial, content, age and gender (to name but a few).

Social media PPC

Social media PPC advertising allows you to reach your target audience when they are on social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. To ensure that our campaigns are highly targeted, we implement a range of filters such as interests and professions. So, for example, if you are selling wedding dresses, we would target Facebook users who are engaged or have liked companies which are wedding related.

If you are interested in any of the PPC options mentioned above or if you would like to evaluate your existing PPC campaigns, please get in touch with one of our specialists.