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Can your mobile site be found on search engines?

For years, every time the “Mobile” marketing topic comes up in a discussion, I hear the word “App” ad if it’s the only way of a business to be on mobile. This should really depends on the type of business and the level of investment you have.┬áMy advise was always to optimise websites for mobile devices and mobile search engines, instead of creating an App that might not be used, especially after the study that showed that 80-90% of of all downloaded apps are used once and then eventually deleted by users.

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Improve your SEO visibility by making 4 changes

We all know that SEO is more than just 4 steps, however, it’s always good to start somewhere. This post will be talking about inserting your page keywords in 4 locations on your web page to help search engines and users understand what your page is all about.┬áPlease remember, optimising your webpages with keywords only will not improve your SEO, there are other element that need optimising, so please don’t stop here, but its a good start.

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